We are based in Westerdale,  a small rural community on The North Yorkshire Moors, but also only 25 minutes from The Coast at Saltburn. Our family has lived in and around this area for over 350 years so the beautiful countryside and nature are well and truly ingrained in our hearts and souls. We cherish this every day while at work or within our free time. 

The Journey

Our own journey started with a deep love of animals and our planet. This grew so strong and we wanted to develop a business around this. For our own health, we were searching for food supplements to complement our Vegan diet and lifestyle. But, we also want to be able to offer advice to those who are maybe just starting out on their own journey after a realisation of how they want to be in their own lives. So Napuve Supplements was created and we would love to work with our customers in promoting a healthy lifestyle for all and just as importantly all that is around us. We want to make our world a better place for future generations.

Company Ethos

Throughout our whole Business, we have a strong ethos connected to your health and well-being, The planet’s Health, and complete love of all Animals. We hope this shows through in all areas of our business, from products, packaging, and our aftercare service. We hope you gain as much from our latest news, blog posts, and links to other Vegan Health-related articles as you do from buying our products. Our Company Logo depicts Mother Earth gently cradled in Greenery. This is our vision and our passion…this is how we want our customers to feel

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Here Now!

We have a wide range of health products that are all Vegan friendly and we also strive to be friendly to our planet throughout our business. We also have a Sister Website (Napuve) with Vegan Soaps and also Body and Face Creams coming along very soon. We look forward to looking after your health and body both inside and outside.